Taking Care Of Your Cactus 🌵

Cacti are really cool at the moment - and the good news is that they're really easy to keep too! Read on for our quick guide to cactus care.
It might be stating the obvious, but cactus are desert plants, which means they thrive on neglect.

💧 - Water -
Contrary to popular opinion, cacti DO need watering (unless they're made of plastic!)
But they HATE having wet feet, so don't overwater.
Water weekly during summer, but a top tip is to let the soil dry out totally between waterings. In winter, cacti become dormant, so they hardly need watering at all.

🌞 Light
Cactis LOVE a sunny windowsill.
Find your sunniest windowsill and let them bask.
Top tip: in the summer, they love a sunny spot outside -
but bring them in at night.

🧴 Food
You can buy cactus food online.
When looking for fertilizer, ensure you get a low-nitrogen one but high in phosphorus. This helps in maintaining the healthy looks of the cactus.
You mix it with the water and feed during the summer - but you don't need to feed in winter as your cactus needs a rest 😴

🌵 Top Tip - 
Is your cactus a bit of a prick?!
Use barbeque tongs to pick it up!

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