May 19, 2021

Succulents are really popular at the moment - and the good news is that they're really easy to keep too! Read on for our quick guide to succulent care.

💧 - Water -
Succulents HATE being too wet, so don't overwater.
Make sure you water the soil, not the plant.
Water weekly during summer, until the water runs out of the hole in the bottom (you might like to put a saucer under the pot,
or water your succulent on the draining board).
Wait until the soil is dry before you water again.
 In winter, succulents become dormant, so they hardly need watering at all.

🌞 Light - 
Succulents LOVE a sunny windowsill.
Top tip: in the summer, they love a sunny spot outside -
but bring them in at night.

🧮 Food - 
Succulents don't really need feeding, but, if you want to,
you can buy succulent fertiliser online.
You mix it with the water and feed during the summer - but you don't need to feed in winter as your succulent needs a rest 😮

đŸŒ”Â Top Tip - 
Wipe its face!
Succulents like having their leaves gently wiped with a damp cloth
every month to remove dust.

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