About Us

Claire at Dom at Mrs Bee's Emporium with cleaning products

You probably came here because you’re a bit like us. A bit outside the mainstream. Colourful, sweary, brave, fierce. Someone who cares wildly. Someone who believes in kindness and equality - and that humour and friendship will lighten even the darkest of days. We were never the cool kids at school - we’re a bit nerdy, a bit outspoken, a bit political and slightly obsessed with reading, being creative, the natural world and rock music. And PLANTS. Always the plants.

We’ll budge up on the bench because you’re welcome to sit with us.
We believe that the world can be made a better place, through a combination of having a good laugh, and caring for others.

We may be a bit bruised by the world, we’ve both struggled with our mental health and we’ve won a lot of battles that others don’t necessarily see. But we’re still here fighting, and we know the importance of self care in all areas of life.
We laugh
We encourage
We amplify
We empower
We learn
We are compassionate
We see love as a strength
We are sassy
We believe in taking care of the environment and being as sustainable as possible
We’re body positive and feminist. We are allies of people of colour, queer and disabled folk.
We know you love your people (and your pets), and we love them too. Because this is how we change the world. 
Love always wins.
We see how wonderful you are, you glorious creature.

Wanna join us?