Megan's Story

Meet The Collectors!

This is Megan. Megan is a Mrs Bee Super Fan.

Megan, and a group of die-hards, love collecting Mrs Bee products. 

"I think they're so funny - and if you display a collection
of Mrs Bee items together they seem funnier as a whole,
somehow. They always make people laugh when they
come into my flat. I like the punny planters best,
but I like them all - I have a shelf in my kitchen
with mugs on - they just cheer the place up.
I especially love the hard-to-get limited
editions from the 2015 and 2016."

Our Super fans *LOVE* this offer, and they go nuts for this when we open it up for them.

This is where you come in!


This is a little way I can thank you for being a loyal customer.

Many of our customers buy gifts for other people and, whilst that's fun, we know they often end up with nothing for themselves.

That seems a bit of a shame to Dom and I. We LOVE our customers, so we wanted you to have something for yourself.


We allocate free customer gifts at random.
They can be something from the website, or something more collectable. Prices range from £5 to £25.

When you place an order for anything from the website, we will choose a free gift for you (they're already wrapped) and send it to you - like a lucky dip.

Top tip: 

If you don't want the gift yourself, some of our community use this offer to make their money go further at Christmas.

Shipping on the second item is free!

Start your Mrs Bee collection now!



This offer expires in 5 days