2 x £5 Gift Cards for your Unwrapping Videos!

We and our customers love to see other people opening the gifts they receive from Mrs Bee's Emporium. 

For a limited time, we will give you a £10 Mrs Bee gift card for the best opening videos, that we can then share on our social channels - that's £5 for you and £5 for the unboxer!

You'll need to meet the following conditions:
1) Clip should be about 10 seconds long.
2) Be funny or sweet
3) Be the person's genuine first reaction - no acting! We can tell!
4) Their face must be clearly visible
(we suggest you put the light source - e.g. window - behind you)
5) When you upload the video and accept the gift cards, you and the person opening the gift agree to give us all rights to share the video on our social channels and other marketing (e.g. email)

To submit your video:
Email it tohello@mrsbeesemporium.co.uk

We will then let you know if you've been successful.
Good luck!