Taking Care of Your New Spider Plant! ūüĆŅ

Spider plants are really trending at the moment - and the good news is that they're really easy to look after too!
Read on for our quick guide to spider plant care.

ūüíß -¬†Water¬†-
Like most of us, spider plants do not like being too wet or too dry.
Water weekly during summer, until the water runs out of the hole in the bottom (you might like to put a saucer under the pot,
or water your plant on the draining board).
Wait until the soil is dry before you water again.
 In winter, only water when the soil becomes dry.

Spider plants are pretty easy going and don't mind where they live. However, direct sunshine or dark shady corners are best avoided.
Top tip: in the summer, they love being outside in the rain -
but bring them in at night.

Spider plants don't really need feeding, but, if you want to,
you can buy plant food online.
You mix it with the water and feed during the summer twice per month - but you don't need to feed in winter as your spider plant needs a rest¬†ūüėī

ūüĆŅ Top Tip -¬†
Healthy spider plants may eventually produce ‚Äúpups,‚ÄĚ which are offshoots from¬†the adult plant that can be removed and replanted to start new plants. For the best results, allow pups to reach approximately two inches in diameter before removing them from the mother plant.

Alternatively, set the still-attached pups into pots of soil placed next to the mother plant. Once the pups have rooted themselves to the soil, they can be cut loose from the mother plant.

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